Soft Pretzel
Cheese Sticks

Full-Service Cafe Menu

Sports Fusion is proud to offer a full-service café onsite. We serve premium food options during public hours and can also arrange to cater your private events and parties. Whether you are looking for snacks and candy or a hot dog and appetizers, we have it. Sports Fusion proudly offers Coca-Cola Products.


Chicken Fries Combo* $6.00
Chicken Fries $4.25
1/4lb Dog Combo* $6.00
1/4lb Dog* $4.25
Kids Dog Combo $4.25
Kids Dog $2.50
Toasted Ravioli $4.25
Pizza $4.25
Nachos $3.75

*Combo Includes Small Drink and Chips


Funnel Cake Fries $3.00
Pretzel $3.00
Cheese Cup $0.50
Mozzarella Sticks $4.85
Cookie Dough Cups (NEW) $5.00
Frozen Candy Bars $1.85
Candy $1.85
Chips $1.85
Ice Cream $3.00


32oz Souvenir Soda** $3.75
24oz Soda** $2.50
16oz Soda** $2.00
32oz Souvenir Slushie $5.00
24oz Slushie $4.00
16oz Slushie $3.50
12oz Slushie $2.50
Bottled Water $2.00
Coffee $2.00

**Refills on 32oz Soda: $0.75, 24 oz Soda: $0.50, and 16oz Soda: $0.25