TWO HOUR TIMED SPECIAL – 2 Hour Timed Play for all attractions for $20.99 + tax/person. Does not include Arcade and no back to back laser tag games  Time starts when the card is swiped at the first attraction and expires in 120 minutes.  Timed cards cannot be paused or shared and can only be used on the day of purchase. This special is available when we are open to the public EXCEPT during the following times: Saturdays 11am-6pm, Sundays & Most Holidays.

ATTRACTION SAMPLER PACK – 20.99 + tax/person.  The Attraction Sampler Pack offers guests an economical choice for their visit, 1x Laser Tag, 1x Dodgeball, 1x Mini Golf, 1x Sport Court, 1 Session on the Rockwall(3 Climbs), 1x Laser Maze, $5.00 Arcade Play, and a Souvenir Cup filled with your favorite beverage. This is available anytime we are open to the public.

ALA CARTE PRICING – Load any amount of money onto a play card that can then be used to purchase the attractions listed below, food & beverages from our cafe, and arcade games.  We reward you with bonus money (see below) based on the amount you spend with us.  This option provides maximum flexibility and can be shared by more than one person.  The money loaded onto these cards expires 2 years from date of purchase and there are no refunds for unused amounts.  Simply bring it back on your next visit!




Laser Tag (Per Game)(Players must be 48 Inches or taller) $7
(Waiver Required)Archery Attack (Per Game)(14 and older, only available Friday and Saturday after 9pm) $7
Mini Golf (18 Holes) $6
Rock Climbing (3 Climbs) $5
Obstacle Course (1 Hour Unlimited) $5
Indoor Play Structure (1 Hour Unlimited, Maximum height is 48 Inches) $5
Dodgeball (Per 15 Minute Session) $3
Basketball (Per 15 Minute Session) $3
Laser Maze ($3 Per Game or 2 for $5) $3/$5
Arcade As Priced $.25-$2.00



Cash cards may be used to purchase individual attractions, food, and arcade games. They provide maximum flexibility.
*only available on in-store purchases*



Card Value

$20.00 $2.00 $22.00
$30.00 $3.00 $33.00
$40.00 $5.00 $45.00
$50.00 $8.00 $58.00
$100.00 $20.00 $120.00

Bonus cash cards cannot be used to purchase already discounted products such as the 2 hour timed special.